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Trees and shrubs are an important asset to the landscape and need to be cared for professionally to get the highest return on your investment. At Arbor-Tech, we are ISA certified and fully insured. Arbor-Tech has designed a Plant Health Care (PHC) Program that with scheduled maintenance can promote health and vigor, ensuring the growth of our client’s investment. The main objective of our PHC program is to maintain and improve the landscape’s appearance, vitality and safety. To ensure we meet these requirements Arbor-Tech uses the most cost effective and environmentally sensitive treatments available.

Our PHC program involves monitoring, using preventative treatments, and adopting a strong commitment to working closely with you, the owner. PHC first involves monitoring tree and shrub health. This step allows problems to be detected and managed before they become serious. Second, if problems or potential problems are detected or anticipated during monitoring Arbor-Tech will develop solutions and treat with an economical and sustainable approach. Finally our PHC system involves, you the client. Our Certified Arborist will give you the information about the trees and shrubs. This information ensures that decisions are made that address your concerns and are appropriate to your landscape budget and goals.

Arbor-Tech’s PHC program involves a variety of our professional services suited for either residential, municipal, and/or commercial.

Pruning is the most common service in our PHC program. Quality expert tree and shrub pruning is provided by a Certified Arborist, which improves the health and appearance of the tree, prolonging their useful life. When pruning, it is desirable or necessary to remove dead, weakened, diseased, or insect infested branches to help improve structure, enhance vigor, and maintain safety. Because each cut has the potential to change growth, no branch should be removed without reason. Removing foliage from a tree has two distinct effects on its growth. Removing leaves reduces photosynthesis and may reduce overall growth. This is why pruning should be done sparingly. Over pruning is extremely harmful because with out enough leaves, the tree/shrub cannot gather and process enough sunlight to survive. However, after pruning, the growth that does occur takes place on fewer shoots, so they tend to grow longer than they would without pruning. Pruning requires special equipment, training and experience. Understanding how a tree/shrub responds to pruning is essential for achieving healthy trees and shrubs.
Fertilizing is an important aspect of Arbor-Tech’s PHC program. Trees and shrubs require certain nutrients and essential elements to function and grow. Urban landscaped trees and shrubs can be growing in soils that do not contain sufficient, available nutrients for satisfactory growth and development. In these situations, it may be necessary to fertilize to improve plant vigor. Well-nourished trees and shrubs have better resistance to disease, insect attack and drought. Arbor-Tech uses a deep root fertilizing system, which involves injecting the root area with water-soluble fertilizer. There are two different ratios of fertilizer used. Spring is applied with a 20-7-7 ratio and fall application is performed with 12-24-24. This is done by high pressure to insure equal spread of the fertilizer. The holes are probed at a distance of 2-3’ around the drip line of the tree/shrub and penetrate the soil to a depth of 6-8”. This is the area where the “feeder roots” are located to provide maximum uptake of nutrients. The benefits of deep root fertilizing is that the fertilizer is already broken down and agitated in the tank, ready to be up taken by the tree, compared to granular fertilizer, which involves time and water in the breakdown of the granulars. With professional and proper application Arbor-Tech can help keep the trees and shrubs healthier, promote luxuriant foliage and add beauty and value to the landscape.
Cabling involves attaching a high strength steel cable to two or more major limbs, thus effectively limiting the movement of the limbs in a high wind. Cabling can also be used for greater support when a limb is extremely heavy. The placement and proper tools are a necessity for cabling to be effective. Bracing is a different procedure in which a steel rod is inserted through the weak crotch and the ends are then bolted together, thus giving additional support and strength.
Although tree removal is a last resort, there are circumstances when it is necessary. A Certified Arborist can help determine whether or not a tree should be removed. Arbor-Tech has the knowledge, skills and equipment to safely and efficiently remove trees.

Removal is recommended when a tree:

- is dead, dying or considered irreparably hazardous,
- is causing an obstruction or is crowding and causing harm to other trees,
- the situation is impossible to correct by pruning,
- is to be replaced by a more suitable species,
- should be removed to allow for construction.

With proper maintenance, trees/shrubs are attractive and can add considerable value to your property. Neglected and poorly maintained trees/shrub, on the other hand, can be a significant liability.

Selecting a tree/shrub species that will thrive in a given set of site conditions is key to long-term survival. A Certified Arborist at Arbor-Tech can help determine what tree/shrub would best compliment the landscape and withstand the stresses of the local environment.

The following site conditions that we analyze for future establishment of trees and shrubs include; soil condition, exposure (sun and wind), human activity, drainage, space constraints, hardiness zones, competition.

Tree selection is one of the most important investment decisions on a property. Considering that trees have the potential to outlive the people who plant them, the impact of this decision is one that can influence a lifetime.

We offer lot clearing and selective cutting services. Please Contact Arbor-Tech Tree Service for more information.
We offer snow removal services. Please Contact Arbor-Tech Tree Service for more information and seasonal rates.

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